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The Benefits of Purchasing Vertical Blinds

Posted on April 17, 2014 by

If you are considering covering your windows or even sub-dividing your room, Vertical blinds are the ideal solution to employ. Vertical blinds are very economical and can be used for several purposes and in different places for example in the office, at home, at school or anywhere else that you intend to. They offer both decorative uses, and their intended functional use. Vertical blinds offer a large surface area, of up to four meters length and the same in width. This makes them very economical to use in spaces that get large amounts of light.

Vertical blinds offer flexibility as they are easy to operate. This ease is facilitated by their tilting vanes, which can be tilted to allow sunlight in efficiently without blocking the view of your outside. Where needed, two blinds can be joined with each other, resulting in invisible interruption as they overlap one another. This is one product that blends many useful features that no home or office owner would want to be without. Below are some other notable benefits:

Environmental Benefits
Vertical blinds offer flexible adjustable light control function. As a result, it maximizes the use of natural light and significantly increases the productivity of the employees in an office. This artificial lighting also benefits the institution, home or school with lower bill of electricity that would have been used in lighting.

The fabrics that make most of the vertical blinds have been fully tested and approved as durable. Their colour fastness is also taken into account to ensure that the end user gets a quality colourful product of his or her own choice. For example bright colours ensure maximisation of heat reflection and also lowering the costs of cooling.

The quality of the polymers used in the making of vertical blind fabrics is carefully treated with fabric protectors and sanitisers to produce quality coated glass fibres or a hundred percent woven polyester.

Vertical blinds can be used or installed in many places. Most of the places where they are used, light, heat or privacy is an issue. Some of the examples where one can install a vertical blind include offices, school, home, board rooms, hospitals etc. They also come with different colours to suit your needs and specifications.

Vertical blinds, Roller blinds and Roman blinds are just a selection of blinds Flitwick can purchase from us.

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Why You Should Install Window Blinds in Your Home

Posted on March 19, 2014 by

Having a good home is usually the dream of everybody. This is a place where you enjoy the best moments with your family and a sanctuary where you relax and take solace after a stressful day at work. The pleasure you derive from you home will be increased if the home is beautifully decorated and installed with the right facilities. Some of the best facilities which should not miss in your home are window blinds. Installing them is seen as the easiest and most effective way of changing the overall appearance of your home. These are some of the benefits you will enjoy by installing these blinds in your windows.

They control the amount of light entering the room

They provide you with full control over the light entering your house since you can decide to either cover the whole window or just part of it depending on what you want. With them, you will not need to worry about disturbing sunlight entering your house during the day or streetlights and lights from moving vehicles interfering with your peaceful sleep at night.

Countless styles, patterns and colours

Window blinds are usually sold in different styles, patterns and colours which allow you to create a perfect appearance of your bathroom, kitchen and the living room. Always go for the cordless blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds or mini blinds as they are very elegant and safe for pets and little children.

Wide variety of the materials

The wide variety of the materials which window blinds come with gives you an opportunity to choose the most appropriate blind for you in terms of style and price. For example, if your living room is equipped with wooden furniture, you may decide to complement it by installing wooden blinds. If the cost of wooden blinds is too expensive for your budget, you may opt for the faux wood which is much cheaper so as to keep the cost as low as possible. Apart from wooden blinds, there are others such as aluminium blinds, plastic blinds, bamboo blinds that you can choose for your home.

Enjoy complete privacy

Blinds are the best window treatments since they provide you with a level of privacy which you cannot get from several other options such as curtains. They protect you any possibility of the public monitoring the affairs of your house by peeping through the windows. If you wish to allow some natural light in your house, you may consider the installation of the top-down shades as they can allow you lower down the shades from the top.

Easy to maintain

One of the greatest reasons why many people love these blinds is because of their ease of maintenance. To clean them, you just need to quickly wipe them using a damp cloth so as to completely remove the dust which has accumulated. This can’t be compared with curtains which require thorough washing for them to be clean. They are also long-lasting especially those made from wood and aluminium. This means that you will not need to replace them unless you want to try something new.

You should therefore find the best window blinds for your home so as to enjoy these benefits and many others. Just give it a trial and you’ll be amazed by their amazing qualities.

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5 Benefits of Decorating With Window Blinds

Posted on February 6, 2014 by

Windows are an important aspect of any house, if you are planning to change how your home looks; the windows are a great place to start. Using blinds is the easiest and fastest way to add some spice to a dull looking house. Blinds come in so many styles and options which you can use to add some flare and colour into your house. Window blinds can not only enhance the beauty of your home, but also have innumerable benefits. Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in blinds.

Strength and durability
When compared to other window coverings, blinds are more useful due to their sturdiness. Curtains and drapes for instance are easily damages by water, making them very hard to clean. Blinds or shades therefore, become more suitable for areas that tend to have high moisture levels such as the kitchen and bathroom. Most blinds will have a waterproof seal so that water can be wiped of easily. This means they are more resistant to the growth of mould which thrives under high moisture conditions. Vertical blinds for instance are easy to clean since gravity aids in the removal of dirt and water.

Absolute privacy
One of the most important things about blinds is that they provide complete privacy. The duette blinds for instance have the sheer hanging during the day to allow light in, and the drapery hanging to allow complete privacy. No one can see through these blinds no matter how hard they strain their eyes. You have complete security and privacy such blinds.

Minimise damage caused by the sun’s rays
When the sun’s rays pass through glass, they become magnified. Aside from raising the room’s temperature to undesirable levels, the sun’s rays can also cause a lot of damage. Prolonged direct contact with the sun’s ray can literally destroy how chairs, sofas and other upholstered furniture look. The rays of the sun can be diverted, reduced or totally blocked using window blinds. This can help prevent your furniture from fading and thus save you on the time and cost of having to replacing them.

Your health may also benefit from using window blinds. Minimizing the amount of sunlight is important in reducing eyestrain and the number of migraines related to staining the eyes. Blinds make it easy for one to study comfortably in a room or even watch the television without experiencing the sun’s glare.

Energy saving
Blinds can help you save on energy and in turn reduce the monthly electrical bill. Allowing less sun rays to enter your rooms will lower the amount of heat coming in. During summer, you can reduce the amount of energy spent by your air conditioning system. During winter, blinds can also be very useful, window blinds act as an insulator, which is, they hold more heat in during the cold season. This in turn helps lower your expenses for heat and fuel.

Blinds are affordable
There is no doubt that blinds add a rich and stylish look to the room. They are an affordable and easy way to enhance the beauty of your walls and windows. Blinds are available in different prices, colours and designs. You do not have to make a lot of effort to find a blind that is suitable for your home. As they are easily available in the market, you can get them at reasonable prices that suit your budget. So whether you want contemporary or traditional décor you are assured of getting blinds that will blend in well with your home.

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Benefits of Window Blinds – Getting the Best Deals!

Posted on January 24, 2014 by

Window blinds have become a popular choice in home improvement projects. Finding a reputable supplier for window blinds is vital for elegantly dressed windows in your home. They will guide you in selecting products that will effectively create the desired tone for your space. Here’s a list of the top 5 benefits of using blinds for your windows.

1. Controls the Light That Enters Into Your Room

Window blinds will allow you to control the direct sunlight entering your room. You can reduce, restrict, divert or even completely block the sun rays by using blinds for your windows. Make sure to shop around prior to making your decision. It might help to not only check the costs but also check out the patterns and styles that you like the most.

2. Reduced Need for Periodic Dusting

Another great benefit of using blinds for your windows is that blinds do not require to be dusted that often as the dust tends to merely fall between the slats. Thus, these can result in lesser dust related allergies and improved health. If you feel stuck in making the right choice, choose appropriate complementary colours and stick to a specific theme.

3. Varied Styles and Colours

Window blinds are available in various fabrics, colours and styles. There is nothing worse than cutting down on a few dollars by purchasing them from a cheaper supplier only to notice problems with them within one or two years down the road. Blinds are made from woven and stitch-bonded fabrics. Woven fabrics tend to look nicer. Blinds that are made of vinyl, PVC or plastic, also seem to be a simple and practical choice for your home decor.

4. Create the Desired Tone and Look That You Desire For Your Room

Decorating your house with blinds is a great way to enhance the look and tone of a room. It allows you to express your own unique personality. Some people struggle while selecting the right decorations and furnishings in their homes. In case decorating is not your strong point, you might want to consider taking the opinion of a reputable supplier.

5. Greater Privacy

One of the key benefits of using blinds is that you can easily control how much view people can get of your home’s interior. Get the best deals for your window blinds by spending wisely. Companies selling cheaper quality products often move on or go out of business pretty soon. Therefore, you have no scope of receiving support from customer service. Spend a little more in order to receive superior quality from a reputed firm. This will save you a fair amount of money in the long run.

Blinds come in variety of styles, fabrics and patterns. As a result, you should not restrict your choices to limited styles available to you. Some may prefer the flexibility and softness of woven blinds while others may prefer the originality and classic style that vinyl blinds provide. When choosing a blind, select the one that will allow you to personalize the overall look of your home or office, and is appropriate for your space.

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Inside Out Blinds

Posted on February 22, 2013 by

Welcome to Inside Out Blinds